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Milan Lakićević

Passionate hunter, converted viticulturist – consistent vineyard supervision is essential to create the desired wine. Local knowledge and on-the-go learning allows for unparalleled precision of execution and for organization like that of a well-oiled machine.

Stefano Dini

Flying viticulturist, consultant – key to the success of this winery. Coming from the heart of Italy, with immense professional experience, skills and knowledge acquired from continuous management of about 100 properties all over the world, distilled into the plantations of Leposavić. 


Slavisa Lakicevic Vinarija Lakicevic

Earned most his working experience abroad, working for an Italian-based fashion retail company. In 2013 falls head over heels into the idea of making wine locally, and decides to invest into a sector different to his own. Self-taught, learning every day, developing passion through exposure.

Laura Zuddas

Enologist, consultant – interpreting the terroir by combining traditional wine making techniques with modern technology and locally sourced materials. A challenging position under the scrutiny of many, public and professional alike.